Do you want to sell your barely used furniture? Are you remodeling your home and want to bring in new furniture? Are you moving or downsizing and have quality, pre-owned furniture that you will no longer have room to accommodate? Selling this furniture through furniture consignment stores is a safe, hassle free, and convenient way to sell any furniture you no longer want.

At Two Trick Pony Consignment, you can consign your high quality furniture to sell them quickly and at a fair price. Two Trick Pony, can help people sell their like-new furniture by providing exposure to potential buyers from all over the hill country. If you live in the hill country, and you are looking for furniture consignment stores, contact Two Trick Pony Consignment today. We can evaluate your furniture to determine whether we can sell it in our store and we will help you determine what price you can expect to receive.

Call us today at (830) 331-1366 to learn more or complete our consignment form below.


Two Trick Pony has many benefits to offer for individuals interested in selling their good quality furniture pieces. Here are some of the benefits of selling on consignment:

  • Displays Items to Potential Buyers: Two Trick Pony, sell only high quality pre-owned furniture. Every day many people will visit a furniture consignment store looking for great deals on this exact type of furniture. Therefore, more people are likely to see your furniture at furniture consignment stores than they would elsewhere.
  • Takes the Work of Selling Off Your Hands: After consigning your furniture to furniture consignment stores, you no longer have to advertise the piece nor deal with potential customers. This means no waiting for no-shows or dealing with ridiculously low offers. Therefore, furniture consignment stores make the process easy, fast, and less stressful.
  • Protects Your Privacy and Safety: When you decide to sell your furniture, potential customers will want to see it. Allowing random people to enter your home can be dangerous. Consigning furniture is a better and safer option. This means, no more strangers entering your home, no fear of online scams, and no waiting for people to show up.


Two Trick Pony is different from most furniture consignment stores, as we will accept only upscale furnishings and home décor articles that are in excellent condition. These must be well constructed and well-made pieces. The items must not be worn and the style should be appealing. All items to be consigned must be clean and in perfect condition.

Before arranging for delivery to our furniture consignment store, we recommend that you ensure that we can accept your piece. You can send us photographs of the items you want us to consign. If you have several items you would like to sell at our upscale consignment store, we can also arrange to come by your home or storage area to view the items.

We do not appraise or price furniture that is not to be consigned at Two Trick Pony. At Two Trick Pony we consign tables, chairs, home décor, lamps with shades, antiques and vintage furniture, sofa, rugs, art, and more. For a more extensive list, contact us.




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We will consign items for 90 days. You cannot remove your items before this period is over. You will receive 50% of the net proceeds of the sale. The initial consignment period will expire at the end of 90 days. Contract periods may be extended, on a case by case basis. You are welcome to pick up any items that have not sold at the end of the contract period. You must pick up the item within 5 days of the contract expiring or the item will be donated to a local charity.

At 30 days, items receive a 20% markdown. At 60 days, items receive a 30% markdown. Beyond 90 days, items receive a 50% markdown.

Checks will be issued once every month. Before you come to collect a check, it is recommended that you call ahead so we can have a check ready. If you are moving out of state, we can mail your check to you.

Consigned items may be included in sales events and promotions, as well as price reductions to facilitate sales.